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Towards the beginning of the decade, anysmartphone with a display larger than 5-inches was considered massive. Thesedays, thanks to better technology and taller aspect ratios, anything below5.5-inches is deemed pretty small while anything over 6.5-inches is consideredquite large. Huawei, however, doesn’t always like to follow the industry’slead.龍騰網 http://www.eqqk.net


During a test on Vodafone’s 5G network inSpain, the Mate 20 X (5G) was able to hit an incredible download speed of 694Mbps. The peak upload speed, on the other hand, was pretty impressive too at37.2 Mbps. For comparison, 4G LTE network download and upload speeds typicallysit between 30-35 Mbps and 10-15 Mbps respectively in the US.

在西班牙沃達豐的5G網絡測試中,華為Mate20 X(5G)居然達到了一個令人難以置信的下載速度:高達694Mbps。另一方面,上傳峰值速度表現也令人印象深刻:高達37.2Mbps。作為對比,在美國4G LTE網絡通常的下載和上傳速度分別只在30到35Mbps之間(下載速度)和10到15Mbps之間(上傳速度)。

When it comes to everyday scenarios, thingsare just crazy fast. YouTube videos load instantly with buffering now a thingof the past, while Instagram’s feed and Stories are ready before you can blink.The next-gen speeds are also especially noticeable when it comes to installinglarge apps. Rather than hitting the download button and waiting for an extendedperiod of time for the progress bar to fill up, apps are now available to useafter a significantly shorter period of time.


Buffering YouTube videos are now a thing ofthe past


On a related note, the original Mate 20 Xwas marketed as a device for gamers thanks to its massive display and battery.The 5G variant inherits this focus but is perhaps the better option forhardcore gamers out there. After all, the speed improvements that come with 5Gmean that cloud gaming can now be experienced seamlessly. Similarly,downloading additional content once an app is installed takes significantlyless time.

與之相關的事情是,原版 的Mate 20 X自稱為一款游戲者的設備,因為它擁有巨屏和大容量電池。 5G版本的型號繼承了這一點,而且對于硬核游戲玩家來說可能是更好的選擇了。畢竟,5G帶來的速度提升意味著可以無縫的體驗云游戲串流服務了。類似的,下載安裝好應用程序需要下載額外的內容的時候需要的時間也會顯著減少。

All of 5G's benefits come at a cost,unfortunately


Although 5G is an important and welcomeaddition to the Mate 20 X, its implementation does come with a few bigdrawbacks that will certainly displease some users, gamers included.Specifically, the flagship device no longer includes the fan favorite 3.5mmheadphone jack or a second speaker along the top of the aluminum frame due tothe presence of the dedicated 5G modem, a component that occupies quite a bitof room. The biggest change, however, comes in the form of the battery.

雖然5G是Mate 20 X的一項重要且受歡迎的功能了,但是它確實存在一些重大的缺點可能會使一些用戶不滿意,包括游戲用戶。確切的說,作為一個旗艦機型卻不再搭載粉絲們喜歡的3.5毫米的耳機接口,而為了存放專用的5G調制解調器,也沒有再頂部的鋁框上安置第二個揚聲器,因為安置的5G調制解調器這一個組件占據了相當大的空間。然而,最大的改變還是電池形式的變化。

Say goodbye to the headphone jack andsecond speaker


The 4G LTE version of Huawei’s flagshipdevice features a huge 5,000mAh cell that permits pretty decent levels ofbattery life despite the smartphone’s huge display. As a result of themodifications made to the 5G offering, though, Huawei has been forced to reducethe battery’s capacity to just 4,200mAh in the new model. Battery life shouldstill be acceptable but it’ll be far from the results achieved with the 4G model.After all, aside from the smaller capacity, 5G modems are also noticeable morepower hungry than the equivalent 4G LTE alternatives.

華為的這款旗艦級別的機型的4G LTE版本擁有一個5000毫安時的大容量電池,這就保證了盡管這款智能手機擁有巨大的屏幕,但是其續航水平還是相當不錯的。由于為了提供5G功能而對手機進行了修改,結果就是華為被迫將新款機型的電池削減到4200毫安時。雖然新機型的續航壽命還算能接受但是還是遠遠不能達到4G版本的續航水平。畢竟除了電池容量減小了,5G調制解調器也明顯比同水平的4G LTE調制解調器更耗電。

Lastly, in regards to availability, theMate 20 X (5G) will be sold through a handful of partnering retailers andcarriers in markets where 5G is currently accessible. As more networks go live,though, you can expect the smartphone's availability to expand. Huawei hasplans to sell the 5G flagship in just one color – Emerald Green – and the phoneitself retails at 1049 across Europe, the equivalent of $1180 if converteddirectly.

最后,在可購買選項上,華為Mate 20 X(5G)將會在可使用5G的市場上通過伙伴零售商和伙伴運營商銷售。隨著更多的5G網絡建設完成,可預期的是這款智能手機的供貨區域數目也會快速增長。華為只計劃銷售這款5G旗艦手機的一種顏色的版本-翡翠綠版-這款手機在歐洲的零售價格是1049歐元,直接換算下來就相當于1180美元。