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After effectively banning chinese immigration, america needed a new cheap labor force. Japanese men had been entering the u s, as indentured laborers as early as eighteen eighty,But immigration surged to around forty two thousand arrivals. Between nineteen or one and nineteen or seven.

在有效禁止中國移民之后,美國需要一支新的廉價勞動力 ,日本人從早在1880年就開始少量的以契約工的身份進入美國。但在1901到1907年間移民數激增至4萬2千人

The japanese made a conscious effort to assimilate into american culture.
Knowing full well about existing anti chinese sentiment, this backfired badly.


In nineteen hundred, during a san francisco rally for the renewal of the chinese exclusion act,



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Hostilities soon escalated in nineteen or five with boycotts of japanese businesses in an effort to drive out labor is organized by the asiatic exclusion league, a concern japan, worried about their own image, negotiated a gentlemen agreement with the u s in 1907.


It banned new immigration of japanese laborers, but allowed for family reunification of people currently residing in the u s .cause of these bands. The only viable way japanese men could get married was to find a wife through the picture. Bride practice essentially an arranged marriage. The matchmaker, usually a relative, would find a woman in their home town and allow the prospective bride and groom to exchange photos, if both parties were happy, the man would agree to pay for the passage of his bride and would be married once she arrived in the u s this practice further convinced the white populace that japanese women were being traffic as prostitutes.


In 1924, the 《immigration act》 made aliens ineligible to citizenship and banned all non whites from emigrating. This meant that even foreign born spouses lost their citizenship rights, with bans on chinese, japanese, korean and indian immigration. The unaffected filipinos were now sought after to work on sugar plantations in hawaii and do backbreaking strip labor, which involves picking lettuce and asparagus. The philippines was annexed by the u s in 1898. Granting filipino is the right of passage to the u s during the 1924 for immigration act, like every other immigrant before them, filipinos were antagonized, especially the men ,during the 1929 watsonville riots are four hundred men mob lay siege on a filipino dance whole.


The us wanted to keep the people out, but welcome the trade. Philippine exports remained duty free, yet a fifty person quota was put in place for filipino seeking arrival in the u s the lowest of any group ,suddenly subject to the 1924 immigration laws, california born Nati Elven lost her season ship because she was married to a filipino born man named Flavia Elven who was also considered an alien. This was one of the earliest known cases that demonstrate how asian american women status in society was inextricably linked to the asian men They married 。in 1935. 《The philipino repatriation act 》incentives philipino residing in the u s to voluntarily leave ,on the condition that they were never allowed to return.